Sunday, May 6, 2012

10 Powerful jQuery Media Plugins to Charm Your Visitors

There is a well-known idiomatic expression saying that ‘content is a king’. We assume that soon it can be transformed to something similar to this one – ‘video content is an emperor’. Web experts and SEO gurus convey that video content soon will overtake the web audience totally not leaving any chance to other types of media information. It is hard to estimate the current situation of the image content – video content antagonism because there is no valid and objective web content analytic tool. So considering the intensity of growing need in multimedia content we have tried to collect jQuery media plugins that would help you painlessly implement video content on your website. Below you’ll find various surprisingly simple yet efficient media tools.

Flare Video

10 Powerful jQuery Media Plugins to Charm Your Visitors

Flare Video plugin allows to implement HTML5 video with Flash fallbackinto web pages. Also you can easily customize player’s skin by changing CSS/HTML/JS files. Following plugin support full screen option and it is completely open source and free for commercial use.

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